Tuesday, 26 November 2019

My Place, My Responsibility.

This week we are making movies about our school Korero. We made a movie about this weeks Korero My Place, My Responsibility. 

Friday, 22 November 2019

Blog commenting.

So what I was doing was I was commenting on peoples movies because it was fun watching the movies on the big screen on the big screen.

Some Dog

Thursday, 21 November 2019


Once was a girl who was wondering sadly. Until she discovered a bubble mixture bellow her toes. She didn’t exactly knew what it was but when she blew it it filled her with delight, when she blew it the second time it was even better, and when the bubbles were blown all of the bubbles formed into a even bigger one.the huge bubble floated under the girls bottom, and floated her high into the sky. When she was high as the clouds more bubbles appeared, it was so fun! Then the girl was sucked into the bubble, then the bubble went down slowly into the sea and there was fish which were beautiful. Next the bubble flew her into outerspace then back down and also when she was in outerspace she saw a star then grabbed the star dust then ate it. When she was having so much fun with the bubble she saw another lonely girl who had black hair and she was wearing a red jacket, she felt sad for the girl so she blew big bubbles as stairs to get down, then she putted down the bubble onto the sand so the girl could find it. She hided behind the rock so the girl didn’t putted it there, when she found it she was confused just like her. When the girl blew it, it made her feel delighted, she was jumping into the bubble and flew off, and she felt happy for her.

Monday, 11 November 2019

Camping In The Dark Forest Alone.

In the pitch black forest, a little boy was camping all by himself, suddenly a terrifying green monster emerged from the shining water then popped up behind the boy. Then “ah!” screamed the boy, the boys heart was pumping fast, he thought he was gonna be eaten! So he pointed his roasted marshmallow on the stick. The monster saw the marshmallow as a delicious treat, so the green monster acted like a dog, and did tricks like a dog! The boy was surprised of the monsters actions, so the boy gave him some marshmallow. But there was only one more, the boy held out the last one to the monster, then the monster couldn’t wait any longer so he went running for it and then ate it, but the boys hand was in the monsters jaw. And the boy was trying to get his hand out, but the monster was resisting. Finally the monster opened his mouth, the boy was horribly frightened so the boy was running as fast as he can because the young boy ran out of marshmallows. He ran and ran but he was trapped so he grabbed a massive pillow, then the monster was imagining the pillow as a giant marshmallow so the boy threw the pillow. The slimy monster ran for it, and then the boy made a run for it so he can get away from the monster. So the monster was all alone but he didn’t really care, all he was going to the campfire and roasting the pillow. But then the pillow burned in flames, and the monster felt miserable and depressed.

Jabal Pen Pals

This is a letter to Nan Simpson.

Friday, 1 November 2019